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our digital journey

das SALZ is not your average hotel. There's not a lot we can do with old-fashioned conventions. But digital opportunities are another matter entirely! That's why das SALZ runs almost entirely digitally – for your convenience. From booking to check-out.



    You can book your stay at das SALZ directly online at our website. Be sure to book any extras, such as breakfast, at the same time. If you have questions, have a look at our FAQs our ask our Guest Experience Team.

    Once you have submitted your booking request, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from us. Your trip to Salzburg is set.


    Online Check-In

    We will send you a link to check in online plenty of time before your scheduled arrival. We’ll also use this opportunity to collect the information we need for you to register as a guest. Once you’ve successfully checked in, we’ll send you your access data for the room. If you’ve booked an early check-in, you’ll receive a separate e-mail.

    One more thing: To check in, you’ll need your booking code, a copy of your official photo ID, and, at this time, a valid COVID vaccination certificate. Guests must be up-to-date on their COVID-19 vaccinations to stay overnight in hotels in Salzburg. We are required to check that you have been vaccinated. It’s a simple process during online check-in.



    Hooray! You’ve made it! And with your own personal PIN code, you can access your new favourite room in Salzburg.


    Enjoy & explore

    Enjoy your time here! Explore Salzburg and our hotel to your heart’s desire. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you need anything during your stay, you can reach our Guest Experience Team every day from


    Time to say goodbye!

    As they say, all good things must end. When it’s time to leave das SALZ, please remember to check out digitally. That lets us know you’re on your way to your next adventure. And so that everything is as it should be, only then will we send your invoice.

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Art & das Salz

One thing is certain: Lovers of the high art of the unusual will get their money's worth not only in the city. If you keep your eyes and ears open, you'll find amazing surprises as you make your way through das SALZ.

das Salz Telefon

It’s not at all what a certain popular film would suggest. The sound rings out from many corners around das SALZ. At least it does for those who pick up the phone from time to time.

das Salz Putting Green

If you book the Putting Green Suite, you’ll find out first-hand where the suite gets its name. Here’s a little hint: It has to do with golf.

das Salz Jedermann Schrei

When Death calls…

… in Salzburg, he calls loudly. Sound level meters have been known to hit 120 decibels during the Festival. It’s not quite as loud here – but almost.